Squirrel Removal

Live-trapping squirrelsNature King Pest Management, Inc. will install a trap-door trap at the entrance area at a time when the squirrels are in the attic for the night and in the morning when they go out to do their thing, they will be caught in this trap.

No need to worry about other squirrels around in the area that might be caught by another animal removal company that will charge you far more funds that you might not expect for more catches.

Our service operation usually takes just a few days, if not overnight, and then your squirrel problem is well behind you. After which we will issue, in writing, a warranty to protect you of squirrel and/or vermin problems that might arise in the future.

Choose Nature King Pest Management, Inc. now like so many satisfied customers have for more than 20 years. We guarantee we will save you a lot of your hard earned money and you will have learned the honest truth of the pest or vermin problems of the home that you have chosen to live in. Thank you for giving us a try! Call us at 214-827-0090

A lil friend of the webkeeper here There are several species of squirrels,  a few of them are tree squirrels. The most common ones are either black or gray. Another species found is the Flying Squirrel, which doesn’t really fly – but instead can glide from branch to branch.

Squirrels are very cute until they become a pest around structures. If they enter a building, they are capable of doing damage to a multitude of objects because of their chewing behavior. The most common entry point for squirrels is the attic, which they may enter by chewing a hole into a gable area or other susceptible area. Once in the attic, they may nest and eventually reproduce with a litter of several young. In an attic, there is potential for damage to stored goods as well as to wiring with the potential for fire due to gnawing of those wires. Droppings from squirrels may also be a nuisance.

The most common clues to a squirrel infestation are actual sightings of the animals entering a structure and running or scratching noises in the attic that are heard early in the morning (4 AM to 7 AM) or late in the afternoon (5 PM to 8 PM).

There are several ways of dealing with squirrels. First, environmental changes may be made such as pruning trees that extend over a structure or removing or securing any decorative trim or attachments that provide access to the structure. If squirrels are coming to a roof across wires, it may be possible to install a cone-shaped shield that would eliminate access to the roof. These may be available through the local utility company and would of course require professional installation.

Squirrel repellents are available that may discourage a variety of destructive behavior. A- Nature King Pest Management provides caged trapping service which will allow removal of squirrels without harm to the animal. Once captured, we will transport the animal five miles or more from the property to discourage a return appearance. For more detailed product information, please contact our office.

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