Snake Removal

Our Snake Removal Service will risk the bite for you.

Snake removal from garage

A one year warranty usually comes with our snake removal and control treatment. If you have a venomous snake encounter it is critical to call upon a professional Like Nature King Pest Management for prompt snake removal service.

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Here is a brief clip of snake removal from a basement and release back into wild. After safely removing a snake, or any wild animal for you, the critter is released back into nature where it belongs. We practice catch and release procedure as a first choice.


The Texas rat snake is one of the most aggressive non-venomous serpents in the state. Threatened, most bite readily, though the pressure of the bite is so weak and short-lived that they usually just cause a scratch. Our Snake Removal Service will risk the bite for you.

The most common is the brown-mottled occurring in suburban areas in the eastern half of Texas and the only one likely to be found high in trees and in attics. Immediately after they hatch in late summer and early autumn, the brown blotched, grayish young are the most often met snakes as well as the fact that they are the hottest tempered, typically striking without hesitation when picked up.  Click More Info Here!

More general information on snakes covered by our Snake Removal Service can be found by selecting this link.

Water Snakes

The Blotched-Water Snake (photo) If this snake can’t get from the danger it finds itself in, this reptile will flatten it’s head and neck and strike several times in succession. Yet most of its strikes are bluffs, and those that do connect ordinarily result in only a warning nip.

Yellowbelly Water Snake

The yellowbelly water snake occurs throughout East Central Texas, the typical yellowbelly is unmarked while the posterior edges of the belly scales are a lighter yellow. All water snakes have a similarity with each other. Sometimes it can be difficult to I.D. these guys on quick like basis because of the darkness of skin.

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