Rodent Control

Big troubles come from Little CrittersIt is very serious when you hear something running around in the attic or spot Vermin too close to the house. Call us to stop a Rodent Control problem before it evolves into something dangerous.

Yes! We take Emergency Calls!

Rodent Control performed successfully consists of establishing the type of rodent invading your space. A larger animal naturally will have a larger entrance area. The fecal matter or droppings of these pest are also a sign of what to look for. By far the best way to stop an animal from returning to the structure is to close and block off all entrance areas.

Odor deposits are very much a comfort zone for pest. If a pest infestation occurs and there is no exclusion or seal up of the entrance area you can bet that rats, mice and larger animals will return to dwell in that structure year after year simply because they are comforted by the odor of their own species.

A survival mechanism is directly proportional to familiarity. If the entrance areas are not sought out, guess what, they will infest again and it could very well be more costly the next time.

Nature King Pest Management, Inc. will inspect your home or work place to find all areas that are possible entrance areas. After our inspection is complete we will determine the most rapid extermination method and control, where-upon, traps, baits or repellents may be used.

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