Racoon Trapping

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~ our little masked friends This nocturnal animal is a frequent guest at many homes and buildings, searching through garbage cans or dumpsters, looking for food. In other cases, this animal may literally tear into an attic and nest there leaving dropping and making quite a bit of noise. In yet other instances, they may climb down into a chimney and nest near the damper.

This large animal, known for its distinctive “masked” face and beautiful fur, may grow to be between 24″ and 48″ in length and weigh between 12 lbs. and 25 lbs. A litter of raccoons may contain between three and six young.

Control is dependent on the situation. Exclusion is very practical in many cases. For chimneys, chimney caps are available to prevent raccoons from entering. Garbage cans with secured lids will discourage continued attacks on those items. Also, pruning back of trees may remove access to an attic and allow for repairs.

To eliminate a raccoon problem, it is necessary to remove the troublesome animals using a live trap. Nature King Pest Management will capture the raccoon alive and transport it away from your property. Areas where they have entered are always included in our one year full-structure warranty.

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