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If you have critter problems call Nature King first! Mark is the real deal. Used for squirrel removal from attic. Knowledgeable and reliable. Took care of our problem for several hundred $$ vs quote from another company for 2-3 thousand $$!!!
– Paula M. Lewisville, TX
Mark is a GOD SEND. He is so thorough and helpful. He is fair and has a great warrantee policy. He comes ASAP and I would recommend him over any big company.
– Sarah D. Dallas, TX
Mark is a blessing to know when you have pest problems. He is passionate about his work and hence extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Whether it’s a simple pest or a challenging one, he can be trusted to get the job done.
– Fatema B. Irving, TX
Mark came out immediately and help us get some sort of critter out of the attic. Really grateful for his prompt service and quick response! He was very friendly! Would definitely recommend him!
– Reggie C. Dallas, TX


“We recently moved into our new house which had a rat infestation problem. Initially I chose to work with Mark Sanders because he wasn’t asking for an annual service contract before even looking at our problem. 
When we met, I was impressed by his extensive knowledge and experience of all pests as well as his enthusiasm for his work.  At his initial visit he outlined his plan, quoted a (very reasonable) price and guaranteed his work, after which he made timely follow up visits to ensure progress and a successful outcome. 
In future I will only call Mark for my pest control needs and I will highly recommend him to others on account of his professionalism, integrity, and for going above and beyond.”
Dominic Harwood


I heard little footsteps running around in my attic for about three weeks. After calling around to different pest control companies and being quoted OUTRAGEOUS prices, I came across Nature King Pest Management. Mark is very knowledgeable and was very thorough when he came to check out my problem. Turns out it was squirrels trying to get free lodging at my expense!  He took care of the problem and the best part is that he didn’t charge me an arm and a leg to do it. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is in a similar situation as I was!
Rick L.
Dallas, TX


I am the owner of Master Fashion Cut and I have known Mark for over 20 years and he has done pest control for me and my business and home for most of those years. I recommend his company because he knows more than just your average pest guy and you can’t beat the prices and warranty protection he offers!
– Arif Songur
Master Fashion Cut. Dallas, TX


“We were so lucky to find Mark when we did! Living off a creek means lots of creatures coming into our yard and home. We wasted hundreds of dollars on useless strategies before finding Mark who got straight to the problem. He has saved us money and helped us keep our home free of reptiles, rodents and bugs that don’t belong! I would recommend Nature King to anyone.”
– Gretchen R.


This is my testimonial on how great Mark Sanders of Nature King is!  I had a neighbor visiting and we were outside…she noticed a RAT!  Yikes, I was mortified!  It didn’t seem to bother her as much as me, ha. Everyone has become used to those pesky rodents. I called Mark the next day, he was there before the end of the day; I couldn’t even make it to my house in time…he placed a trap with rat tasty poison up and out of the way of our dog.  Haven’t seen a rat at the house since then. And, in the middle of all this, he discovered a wasp nest in a bush near where we had spotted the rat and he got rid of that, too!! 

All I can say is when anyone is considering hiring a pest control company, they shouldn’t pick anyone else!  Since it is election time…I say vote for Nature King’s Mark Sanders!!!  Thank you, Mark!

Kathy Schneider of Dallas

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  1. Jon S. says:

    Mark helped us with a rat problem in our attic space. He’s very knowledgeable, honest and did an outstanding job. I highly recommend Mark!!!

  2. Liz J. says:

    Mark is awesome! We had rat and cockroach roommates when we moved into our new house. We got a quote from a competitor in the thousands. Mark is practical, very experienced and knowledgeable and ready to work after inspection. Best of all he is passionate about his work and doesn’t try to upsell you. He completed the job the same day at less than a quarter of the other company’s quote.

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